Sheena & Sharon

 Our Story began in 1991 while attending church together at First Baptist Church of Harvester. At that time, we never dreamed that almost fourteen years later we would become business partners! However, partners it was when on September 15, 2005 after many months of planning, praying and working out a thousand details, we took the leap of faith and signed our first business lease.

At that time, we definitely had our fears, but our passion for the beauty industry was stronger. We also had two different views from the public eye…..some said we were “too young & too inexperienced”, while others said they believed in us and admired our courage. We are grateful for each view, for those who did not believe we would make it, we wished to prove wrong and for those who supported us, we wished to make proud!

2011 update...

Well, here it is six years after signing our first lease! A lot has happened and we thank God for His blessings upon us, our salon and our wonderful salon staff. In November of 2010, we moved into our beautiful new salon location. We grew from a 1400 sq ft salon with 8 stylists to a 2500 sq ft salon with 16 stylists.

We would like to say it has not been easy, a lot of hours and sacrifice has gone into building a business, but the rewards are worth it! We are very thankful for our loyal clients that have supported us throughout the years, and we look forward to the future and the endless opportunities that awaits all of us at Studio 1 Salon, “Where Beauty Happens”.

2014 update...

Well, now here it is 9 years after signing our first lease! Studio 1 Salon continues to grow with the addition of our new Wedding Salon called I Do by Studio 1 Salon. We have taken on an additional 1300 sq ft unit where we will host special occasion (mainly wedding) events for hair & makeup. It is beyond "beautiful" in its elegant white & silver décor....just like walking into a wedding chapel. We have an awesome wedding team for our hair & makeup services (that you can meet by clicking on the Bridal Service page on our new website).

Sharon & Jessica just attended the "Best (Hair) Dressed" education event by Vidah Pellerito in New York! Angie & Amy are our awesome makeup artists. Not to brag (well maybe just a little) our wedding team is the best you will find anywhere. Every wedding party always leaves happy & most importantly, beautiful!






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